17th July - 12th August 2012

On Your Wings

Kate Alterio, Jane Dodd, Rebecca Farhger, Lisa West & Kathryn Yeats

Exploring love, loss, connectedness and relationships



Kate Alterio

In this collection I explore the complexities inherent in relationships and the transformative nature of love. Each piece comments on a different aspect, ranging from the desire to own and possess, connectedness beyond the physical realm and memories that are held within the body through to the evolving nature of courtship and the ways in which words are heard, misunderstood or lost. These pieces remind us that relationships help shape, define and challenge us, while reinforcing the connectedness we, as humans, all share. Where would we be without each other?  

1 The Dance Between Opposites, Ebony, 9ct yellow gold, mother of pearl, fine and sterling silver, pair $1400

2 Black Butterfly– Pinned Down, sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold, $540

3 White Butterfly– Pinned Down, sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold, $540

4 Necessary Communication, sterling silver, hand plaited silk chord, $1150

5 Cellular Memories, sterling silver, hand plaited silk chord, $990

6 Omnia Vincit Amor rosary, jet, onyx, fine and sterling silver, $690

7 Sacred Heart Brooch, fine and sterling silver, burnt ebony, $550

8 Is This The End? brooch, sterling silver, ebony, brass watch mechanisms, $690

9 Remember brooch, fine and sterling silver, ebony, $590



Jane Dodd

Within the 19th century context of Mourning and Sentimental Jewellery, pieces were made and worn to commemorate a great love.  These works do likewise and reference that tradition but the object of that love remains mysterious and its nature is perhaps contrary and perverse.

10 Nobody brooch, sterling silver, mother of pearl, $950

11 Somebody Brooch, sterling silver, ebony, $695

12 ? ring, sterling silver, ebony, $400




Rebecca Fargher

Everyday objects which open to reveal tiny keepsakes, the physical objects we keep, gathering dust, waiting to tell stories of past and present loves.

13 Diary Pendant, sterling silver, $550

14 Drawer Pendant, sterling silver, $650

15 Shoe Box Pendant, sterling silver, $650

16 Biscuit Tin Pendant, sterling silver, $850




Lisa West

These pieces are objects from fairytales, stories that reinforce the archetypes of 'fairytale love'. They are everyday objects that have been instilled with symbolic meaning central to the fate of the protagonist be it triumph or downfall. The ending isn't always happy… 

17 'Beauty's Rose', acrylic, silver, $1275

18 'The Spindle that Pricked Briar Rose', mother of pearl, silver, $1275

19 'Rapunzel's Braid', sterling silver, fine silver, moonstone $1275

20 'Mirror Mirror' brooch, tawa, silver, aluminium $820

21  -27 'Mrs Bluebeard's Keys', 6 silver keys $340 each & 1 18ct yellow recycled gold key $910




Kathryn Yeats

I'm interested in the heart representing love and the four chambers of the heart creating an architectural link with the body.  My pieces also explore time based processes and the physical memory of spaces.

28 Heart Pendant I, wood, paint, found steel, brass, string, $380

29 Heart Pendant II, wood, paint, found steel, linen, paper, string, $380

30 Heart Pendant III, wood, paint, found steel, string, $280




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